I am Ianthe May. I have a life-long passion for singing, and beautiful songs, and l love to help people of all ages to unlock their own singing potential, and discover the fulfilment and joy that comes from finding and using their singing voice.

I offer studio lessons as well as teaching singing in both primary and high schools. I enjoy teaching beginners and intermediate students, as well as advanced students in classical and musical theatre styles. I also offer a relaxed, supportive studio environment for mature adults who want to explore their potential as singers.

I have been the leader of worship teams in a local church since 2001.  I have written a number of songs, and have recently recorded an album called “Heart of God”.

As the mother of four grown-up children, I have 26 years’ experience working with children and young people of all ages, as a school teacher, a homeschooling mother and a studio and classroom singing teacher.

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