So, you’re thinking of having singing lessons?

Here is something you may not know:

You can probably sing better than you think you can.

Often making a few  adjustments to the way you sing already, can make a big difference.

When is a good age to start?

If you are thinking of a career in singing, or preparing to audition for tertiary study in Voice, it is best to start some time between the age of 10 and 14.


Singing lessons are not only for talented young singers preparing for a professional career.  Learning to sing well is a worthwhile investment in yourself.  Here are some good reasons to consider singing lessons:

  • You are a musician ( eg guitarist ) and you want/ need to do vocals as well.
  • You write your own songs and want to perform them confidently.
  • You sing in a choir and your personal singing technique is not receiving attention.
  • You are looking for an enjoyable creative outlet.
  • You’ve always wanted to sing, but never had the opportunity.

Here are some more things you may not know:

  • Singing lessons are not just for the young.  In fact, a woman’s voice is not yet fully developed until the age of 35 (a man’s voice ,until 45!), so learning to sing after 35 makes a lot of sense, and can be very gratifying!
  • After “a certain age” the voice begins to deteriorate as muscles lose their tone.  The good news is that trained voices can keep singing for a life-time.  Learning healthy singing even at a mature age can revitalize an aging voice and even bring out exceptional beauty.

I invite you to undertake an 8-week course of singing lessons with me in my home-based studio, in Mansfield. Your lesson will be personally structured for your needs and to fit your personal goals with singing.  Part of my job will be to help you set realistic goals.

For studio information, including tuition rates, send an email to

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